“RISE (Resilience, Innovation, Skills and Employability) is our unique way of welcoming students to Mercia Academy in Year 7. It is a cross-curricular programme of the Arts, Humanities and ICT and is specifically designed to build essential key skills in young people through a creative and challenging curriculum.Y7 students spend 7 hours of their school week with their RISE tutors who will guide them through the programme and support their transition from Primary School to the full Secondary School experience. This then develops across Y8 to Y8 to provide a curriculum which meets the needs of 21st century learners.”

We also love to celebrate achievement. At key points during the year we have local showcase events to allow the students to present to their parents, and the local community and media.

The RISE programme continues in Year 8 for 2 hours each week and then in Years 9, 10 and 11 with three hours over 2 weeks where RE, Citizenship and PSHE including Careers are taught.  There is also a weekly activity at part of the Tutor Time activities, tutor mentoring and a variety of Theme days to add to our students overall learning in RISE.

At KS4 GCSE Citizenship, GCSE Business and GCSE Religious Education are offered as part of Enterprise options. These subjects build upon the RISE learning in KS3 for those that choose to work towards qualifications in the subjects


Religious Education is included in our RISE curriculum alongside Citizenship, Relationship and Sex Education, PSHE and Careers. As a Derbyshire school we follow the Derbyshire and Derby City Agreed Syllabus and the RISE curriculum has been updated to the 2020-2025 syllabus. Learning explores key teaching, beliefs and practises so that students can make sense of diverse religious and world views whilst reflecting on and developing their own personal opinions.


For more information please click on this link RISE-Curriculum-Map-2021.pdf