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‘Our students aspire to achieve their very best with belief in their goals. They are equipped with the life skills, academic knowledge and exciting opportunities to have successful careers in an exciting fast moving world’.

Welcome to Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance at Mercia Academy.

Mrs Copley is our full time level 7 qualified professional trained Careers Practitioner and Leader who is based in the careers office and readily available to:

  • Talk to students about the options open to them and help them decide what to do next
  • Answer queries
  • Conduct 1-1 personal career interview
  • Support independent research
  • Assist with future pathways – education, apprenticeships, training, applications etc

A drop in service for any information is provided at break times, lunchtimes and before or after school.

The careers office is stocked with up to date resources which are accessible at the above times.

For any further information or to request an interview please contact our school Careers Leader, Mrs Copley :

01283 216404

Our partners in Careers and Employability

We are committed to working in partnership with our students, staff, parents/carers, local providers, industry and our wider community to ensure our students are able to access good quality opportunities to support their successful career journeys.  This is achieved by:

  • Students – Regular Careers Education as detailed in the Entitlement Statement and Careers Programme. Opportunities to participate in extra curricular activities including visits and encounters with industry and Further/Higher education. All students are active users of START – (our subscribed Careers Platform) and regular use takes place during school time and access available 24/7.
  • Parents/Carers – Invitations to attend events taking place at key transitional points in students education. Encouragement to register parental account of START and regular communications through a variety of channels for up to date information. Parents are welcome to attend 1-1 career interviews with their child if requested.
  • Teachers and other school staff – Regular training is provided to staff regarding Careers Education to ensure all staff are confident to support students develop their employability skills. Staff also are users of START and are familiar with Local Market Information (LMI). Teachers are encouraged to source external support from industry to help bring curriculum to life. The Careers Leader is available to support as needed.
  • Employers/Providers of Education – we warmly welcome visitors and volunteers to school to complement our careers programme. We are keen to arrange bespoke opportunities for students including work experience and career talks. We can host regular events for the opportunity for our partners to network and collaborate. To access our current questionnaire and register interest on Employer Engagement, please click HERE

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Careers Programme

As a school we have a statutory and moral duty to provide students in Years 8 to 11 with careers education, information, advice and guidance. This is extended at Mercia Academy to include Year 7.

Guidance takes place within the curriculum and with one to one interviews. Please liaise with Mrs C Copley regarding your child's interview. Interview slots are communicated via your child's form tutor although we actively encourage Parental involvement in this process.

You are entitled to;

  • clear advice and information about ALL the options available, so that you understand what they involve
  • support and guidance to help you make choices and complete a career plan for the future
  • regular personal support on information on how well you are doing
  • help to decide what to do when you leave your course, including further learning, training and employment
  • a programme of careers education helping you develop skills and knowledge to make choices and the transition to work and learning
  • the opportunity to be involved in making decisions about things that effect your learning
  • an opportunity to set out an individual learning plan, and
  • an opportunity to learn about the world of work

Careers preparation, called Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) is taught to all years within the school. As a snapshot of the curriculum, the main elements are:

Year 7

Students receive a taught module within our RISE lessons regarding self-awareness and Careers information matching. CEIAG supports access to information and advice from an earlier age, enabling better informed decisions at transition stages. Careers work can also be seen to raise aspirations and improve motivation to participate in education or training as a lifelong development. Our RISE assessment framework ensures that students are introduced to employability skills from the start of their journey at Mercia Academy as they are taught to reflect and target set against criteria based on these skills.

Year 8

This is extended to the matching of Careers information to personal strengths, skills and attributes in making realistic and well informed decisions about future careers, courses and pathways. CEIAG supports access to information and advice from an earlier age, enabling better informed decisions at transition stages. Careers work can raise aspirations and improve motivation to participate in education or training as a lifelong development. Assessment at Year 8 in RISE continues to be centred on self-reflection of employability skills and developing students’ ability to set goals and work towards achieving them.

Year 9

Options post Key Stage 4 are explored, and the Year 8 work on self-awareness and decision making is developed. Skills for employment continue to be an assessment focus and financial understanding is added to the curriculum so that economic awareness is developed.

Year 10

We explore Post 16 options in more detail and interview skills with each student having opportunities to practically develop their interview technique. Work Related Learning also starts as students complete work experience. Work related skills alongside financial and economic competency are further developed.

Year 11

Apprenticeships, College and Sixth Form options are further explored, as are interview techniques and decision making. Awareness of the options available is a key area of study, as students begin to apply to various Post 16 opportunities. Work related skills alongside financial and economic competency are further developed.

Examples of Careers guidance, trips and events offered at Mercia Academy:

Year 7

  • Arts Inspiration - Cultural Derby - exploration of arts venues and the careers of people that work there
  • Skill Share TRIOS – building leadership skills as each person teaches a group of peers
  • Active Citizenship – Set up form team with business job roles & run a market stall fundraising for a local charity / school project decided by students
  • Derby Uni speakers & visit to campus

Year 8

  • Derby Uni speakers – why Higher Education inspiration talks
  • Small Basic – Careers in Code
  • Circular Economy – Gibber & Plastic Bottle Campaign - Dragon’s Den
  • Year 9
  • Regional Careers Fair
  • Derby University Visitors – guidance around options choice
  • Options
  • EconoME – Bank of England Barclays life skills Budgeting lessons WA Currency

Years 10 & 11

  • Supplemented by assemblies
  • Work Experience introduction
  • National Careers Fair
  • Careers & RE focus
  • Work, Work, Work Unit – preparation of CVs, Personal Statements, Understanding of different Post 16 option routes, Interviews with local professionals
  • Derby Uni visit to campus
  • Sexual Harassment & Discrimination in the workplace including religious viewpoint of careers
  • Work Experience
  • Assemblies & interviews
  • Post 16 providers & apprenticeships
  • Money Skills lessons – Debt, Money & Work, Financial Risk, Future of Work

Careers Policy and Entitlement Statement

Provider Access Statement

Work Experience

Work Experience takes place for year 10 students during July. Work Experience is a valuable component in developing life-skills that provides an integral element of the National Curriculum.

All students are expected to find their own work experience placement within a local company. Students are responsible for building their own personnel profile, which is included into their letter of application. Each student may be asked to attend an interview.

Our 2024 work experience week is W/C Monday 15th – Friday 19st July.

The first steps - Questions Answered

Question - What do I want to do, where will I find a placement?

Answer - This is your decision, look around your local area, internet websites, and telephone business pages or ask your family to assist you.

Question - How do I approach a company for a placement?

Answer - Start preparing a letter framework. Make your letter easily adaptable so that you can mail-shot several companies in your field of interest. A properly thought out letter is much more likely to receive a positive reply. Make sure you follow up your letter by re-contacting the placement to ensure they have received your letter.

Question - Who will support me with my work experience preparations?

Answer - 

  • First of all, look in the mirror and have the confidence to help yourself.
  • Talk to your family and friends for placement ideas.
  • Enrichment lessons, Head of Year and your Form Tutor.
  • Your Work Experience Co-ordinator: 

Just a few tips showing some of the qualities that an employer will be looking for in their recruitment process.

Commitment showing:

  • Reliability
  • Dependability
  • Trustworthiness
  • Determination
  • Perserverance
  • Responsibility
  • Dedication

How do you measure up?



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